EDU STANDARDS organizes and offers a variety of training seminars that cover a wide range of the needs of professionals, students and the unemployed. We are very proud of all our projects but especially of those within the context of social contribution.

The Importance of Breast Cancer Prevention

We are very happy for our collaboration with the excellent surgeon - specialist mammologist Dr. Giota Sassopoulou who held a two-hour briefing on the importance of breast cancer prevention, with free admission

Beauty of our Cosmos and stunning Earth

Also with free admission and with absolute success was held the English-speaking Seminar on the beauty of the world through the prism of colours and art in collaboration with the internationally renowned artist Dr Sudha Daniel, whose presence at our center was a great honour and marked in the most beautiful way the beginning of the last academic year with colourful wishes for creation and inspiration.

Psychodramatic Self-Awareness Seminar

DEVELOPING HIS ROLE AS AN ADULT IN MY LIFE RELATIONSHIPS During the hours we will spend together we will have the opportunity to meet, taking a walk in our inner world and its uniqueness, shedding light on the relationships we create in both our personal and professional life! What is the way I relate? What are my talents and strengths? In what dysfunctional roles am I trapped in my daily relationships? What can I...