EDU STANDARDS organizes and offers a variety of training seminars that cover a wide range of the needs of professionals, students and the unemployed. We are very proud of all our projects but especially of those within the context of social contribution.

Creative writing

The purpose of the seminar is to expand artistic creation and expression through speech. Upon completion of the seminar the participants will be able to discover ways through which they can express themselves creatively.

Basic Principles in Digital Marketing

As part of the training seminars we organize we are very happy for our cooperation with Ms. Eleni Papadogianni and Nikos Zioza, founders of Zonepage, with the aim of participants to acquire basic but useful supplies to develop their business through the tools offered by experts in Digital Marketing. We address freelancers and entrepreneurs on how they can benefit from Digital Marketing.

Christmas Bazaar

The offer of our center to the parents of the children who attend the Hill School, in the context of the lottery of the Christmas bazaar of the School, was related to the participation in the Experiential day: Child / child stress, recognition and management methods. It was crowned with absolute success as in collaboration with expert psychologists and sociologists we were able to understand what stress is, how...

Emotion Management Seminar

We are very happy and proud of the success of the Personal Development seminar organized by EDU STANDARDS in collaboration with Mr. Lakis Argyrou Communication and Personal Development Consultant on Saturday, May 11, 2019. We would like to thank from the bottom of our heart the friend and partner Lakis Argyrou for the honor to inaugurate our premises and with his immediacy and excellent communication skills to transmit to...