We are an educational and examination center for the top international TOLES LEGAL English Language and Legal Terminology certification for Lawyers, Notaries, Law Students and Translators.

It is recognized worldwide by major Law Firms and Offices, Banks, Multinationals, Government Services, Chambers, Associations and Financial Institutions.

More specifically, in collaboration with TOLES Legal in London - England, we are a certified training and examination center for the leading internationally recognized English language certification for Lawyers, Law Students and Translators.

The purpose of the course is:

  • Familiarity with Legal terminology by branch of law
    (general legal education, civil law, commercial law, labor law, criminal law, etc.)
  • Familiarity with legal texts in English
    (case law, legislation, contracts, securities, etc.)
  • The use of English in the daily life of a lawyer
    (writing letters, case law vocabulary and transactions in English)
  • Basic principles for translating legal texts
    (tips and good practices for direct and reverse translation, language matches)